Dr Edwin Khoo

Dr Edwin Khoo

Dr Edwin Khoo

General Practitioner, Male, BSc EP, MBBS

Address: Suite 3, 175a Elizabeth Drive. Liverpool NSW 2170
Contact phone: 9600 7778

About Dr Edwin Khoo

Edwin graduated from the University of Notre Dame, Sydney in 2017. He trained in the Bankstown Campbelltown Bowral hospital network, gaining experience in Emergency medicine, Orthopaedics, Respiratory medicine, Cardiology, Palliative Care, Paediatrics and General Medicine. He also worked as a BUPA Panel Physician for Immigration Health and has done rural GP training in Broken Hill NSW. With a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Edwin has special interest in Chronic Disease Management and Health Prevention.. Edwin speaks English and Mandarin.

Areas of interest:

  • Chronic disease management
  • Health Prevention

My Surgery Hours

Monday: 9.00am – 4.45pm

Tuesday: 9.00am -4.45pm

Wednesday: OFF as of 1/6/2024

Thursday: 9.00am – 4.45pm

Friday: 9.00am – 4.45pm

Fees 30/6/2024 to 1/11/2024

Gap fee Medicare Total
Level B (6-14 minutes) $30 $41.20 $71.20
Level B+ (15-19 minutes) $40 $41.20 $81.20
Level C (20-29 minutes) $40 $ 79.70 $119.70
Level C+ (30-29 minutes) $40 $ 79.70 $119.70
Level D (40+ minutes) $40 $117.70 $157.70


Please Note:

  • Aged pensioners, HCC holders, and children under 16 years old are bulk-billed
  • All Excisions and procedures attract a gap fee $50 for all patients
  • Fee will be revised on 1/11/2024

I am an independent GP. I share facility with Elizabeth Drive Medical Precinct as a tenant GP