Mandy Halabi

Mandy Halabi

BPsyc(Hons), DipHlthSc
Registered Psychologist PsyBA (MAAPi)
Work Cover and WDO approved
EMDR Trained, Certified Clinical Hypnosis CBT-FPS

About Mandy Halabi

Mandy Halabi is a Psychologist, registered with the Ahpra Psychology Board of Australia,  and Medicare.  She holds an Honours degree in Psychology and has undergone further training in Schema Therapy;  Eye Movement Desensitization and Clinical Hypnosis CBT-FPS.

She works with adult clients with diverse presentations and mental health issues.  Mandy takes an emotion-focussed and problem solving approach with her patients and creatively combines various evidence-based techniques – resulting in unique and tailored treatments.  Her lived experiences with adversity drives her passion for tackling unresolved trauma and breaking the cycle of intergenerational harm.

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